About The Dumb Analogy Guy

So is this a Dumb Guy with Analogies or a Guy with Dumb Analogies?

Great Question … I’ve definitely got an opinion of which one I am, but I’ll let you make your own determination.

I’m Eric Chaffee and I’ve been working in software product management for over 20 years.  While I’m currently VP of Product at When I Work, I’ve done product in a variety of companies ranging from a couple of startups, to successful (and not so successful) high growth software companies, to leading a technology portfolio at a $70 Billion retailer.  During that time, I’ve learned a ton about what makes good product people and good product organizations.

As we work our way through our careers, we learn a few things, have our successes and our failures.  As a young product manager, I had people take the time to share their experiences with me and it made me a better person.  Now, it’s my turn – in the circle of life – to share what I know and help others that may be struggling with some of the same problems we all face in software.

My hope is that I’ll give you a different perspective on product management. One that’s both practical and relatable that in turn, perhaps will help you be a better product person .

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