Being a product manager is a lot like being a soccer goalie.

Product managers are responsible for the outcomes of the team, which means we get more credit for wins then we usually deserve and more blame when things go bad. Just like a soccer goalie, we are responsible for the score, even though we never take a shot.

While the goalie isn’t always able to influence the offense, she can help make sure the defense is in place. If the goalie gets peppered with 20 shots, no one is going to care about the 18 heroic saves you made, if you lose 2-0.

It can feel unfair at times and it’s natural to get frustrated, but that’s the gig we’ve chosen. Instead of staying frustrated, I try to use this as a trigger to try and figure out where does the team need help and how I can help. In the end, we are one team and our success is dependent on each other being the best we can be.

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